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For only pennies a day we will send your coupon or bulletin to tens of thousands of local people weekly.

 Let us Increase your Sales

We will send your coupons to thousands of potential customers weekly.  When you sign up we will help you gather email addresses from all your customers.  At the same time we are gathering your emails we are also getting email addresses from the customers of all the other merchants in town on our system. 

Then we send out a mass email to all the thousands of customers in your area with a coupon from you each and every week.  So not only are your customers getting your weekly offer but tens of thousands of other people in your local area are receiving your coupons.

We even give you promotional items to offer your customers to enter a drawing monthly so you can get their email addresses.  As an example, you could offer a free cruise for two as a prize if people will put their email address in the box and sign up to receive your coupons.



How are we the best form of advertising for you?

Local City Website - We receive over $3,000 hits per day as of December, 2009.  Our hits keep increasing monthly. This gives us an audience that other coupon companies donít.  So your coupons will be seen by many more people.

Window Decal - Each merchant will be displaying a window decal for which will bring more traffic to our site.  As people shop around town they will see the signs.  This will equate to more people seeing your coupons.

Advertise Locally - We will advertise locally to promote in order to increase our hits per day.

Online Classifieds - We will have our own local classifieds on our site to compete with Craigslist.  Their site is often bogged down by spammers.  We have a better control process for our advertisers.

Pay Per View - We pay the public to view your ads and coupons.  Viewers will sign up for our reward plan.  Each month we will send them a $25 gift certificate good at many local merchants. They will only get the $25 if they look at so many ads each month.  With this system we are increasing your chances of actually being seen.  This is another big advantage we have over competitors.

Tracking - We can track how many people click on your coupon.  Other coupon companies send out the emails but have no way of tracking if they were actually opened.  You will have your own merchant window that you can log into at any time to track how many people view your coupons and how many were printed.

Create/Modify own Coupons - You have total control over your coupons, which you donít have with our competitors.  You can log on at any time and create a new coupon or modify an existing one.

Free webpage/site - For those businesses who donít currently have a website, we provide the ability for them to create their own webpage for the public to view.

Free Giveaways and Promotional Items Ė We will provide you will free giveaways for your customers to enter a drawing for, thus creating more sales for you.  Some of the items include free movie and dinner passes or cruises.  These items can also be used as sales incentives for you to use for your customers or to use in your advertising.



Create your own coupons.  Our system can also be used to send out general information about your company or services instead of a coupon.

Easy to use online coupon creator.  You can create a new coupon in only one minute.  For those individuals who are not computer savvy, we can create the coupons for you.  You can have multiple coupons at one time.  No need to rely on us.  You have total control.  Change your coupon offer anytime you want without having to call us.  If you want a special offer for the weekend you can change your coupon.


Each merchant has their own control panel.  You can log in to track how well your coupon is doing.   Our system will show you how many people have seen your coupon and how many have printed it.


What does all this cost?

This is the best part.  We charge a small monthly fee of $70 to reach thousands of people weekly.  But we give you back a $100 credit/debit card that is good at over 30 merchants in town.  These cards are used as cash.  They are very easy to use.  So you are paying us $70 a month, but we are giving you back $100 a month.  Your service is actually free.

As an example:  A couple went to Cafť 225 for dinner one night.  Their bill was $40 which included the tips and taxes.  They used this card and walked out only paying $15 out of their pocket for a great meal.  This is an instant savings at the cash register and not one of those programs where you have to wait weeks for your money back.

Now we make these cards available for you to use in your business to either increase sales or for customer retention.  The cost per $100 card is only $10.  And soon we will be able to customize the cards with your logo and graphics so that you can proudly give these to your customers.

Hereís an example of how you might use these cards:  A photographer charges $1,500 for a wedding shoot.  The problem with todayís economy is that everyone is looking for a value.  Combine that with the competition who is either unlicensed or working out of the back of their van.  They will come along and offer to do the same shoot for only $1,000 to underbid you.  Now you can offer the customer a $500 cash back rebate in the form of the customized cash cards.  Even though you are charging $1,500 the customer is getting $500 back so their net cost is only $1,000.  Your cost for the $500 in cards is only $50.  Would you pay $50 to save a $1,500 deal?


There is yet another advantage of using these cards in your promotions.  Letís assume you have a website and that you are giving these customized cards out to your customers.  We will give you a link to put on your website for your customers to redeem these cards.  So every week your customers will be going to your website to redeem these cards.  You now have a captive audience that you can further promote things to on your website. 

Electronic coupons are the future.  There are many companies providing this service nationwide now.  Newspapers are too expensive and are not effective anymore.  Radio is too expensive.  Most people get their news either from television or online now.  Electronic coupons are one of the most economical ways to get the word out today.  We have included the following article that further explains this.



Emails With Coupons Achieve Higher Open Rates

Online coupon usage up 46%

By Mike Sachoff

The majority (80%) of emails sent with coupons received higher open rates and transaction rates than non-coupon campaigns, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services.

Seventy percent of coupons-using households get their coupons from newspapers. However, the Internet is a growing coupon resource. Over the last three years, the number of households that get their coupons online has increased by 46 percent.

Click rates trended higher for coupon emails, with an average of 17 percent for coupons redeemable online and 24 percent for coupons redeemable in-store.


"For marketers, the data behind our coupon study further validates how email coupons can and should be used to engage customers and drive traffic and sales to other channels," said Matt Seeley, president of  Experian Marketing Services' .



 "Understanding the purchase drivers and triggers along with the channel preferences of unique customers is an essential element in building loyalty and engagement. Today's consumers are multi-channel and marketers that acknowledge this will see greater return on their marketing spend."

Other highlights from the study include:

Two-thirds of American households use coupons, with the vast majority of them (87 percent) used to save money and 30 percent used to try a new product or service.

Eighty percent of online coupon mailings garnered higher transaction-to-click rates and transaction rates than the non-coupon campaigns. Of this group, 78 percent also had higher revenue per email.

More households are now using coupons at restaurants/fast food chains. Compared to 2006, there are now 9 percent more households redeeming coupons at restaurants.